Hydrogen power comes to Orlando
Orlando Sentinel Blog
May 22, 2007

It's about a year later than originally expected, but tomorrow (May 23), Ford and the State of Florida will announce that they are putting a fleet of hydrogen-fueled Ford E-450 buses on the road in Orlando, the first U.S. city to take delivery of the vehicles. Florida Gov. Charlie Crist is expected to attend the dedication of a Chevron Hydrogen refueling station located on Boggy Creek Road near Orlando International Airport that will provide fuel for eight buses, powered by internal combustion engines that are fueled exclusively with hydrogen. Groundbreaking on that hydrogen station was February 18, 2005, with an expectation that it would be open in 2006.

These buses are not to be confused with fuel cell-powered vehicles, which use hydrogen to create electricity, and then power the vehicle as if it were electric. These buses burn hydrogen instead of gasoline or diesel fuel, which results in ultra-clean emissions, and since hydrogen is a renewable fuel, does don't deplete oil resources.

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