Another voice / Fuel economy
Steve Finch
Senate energy bill will hurt the U.S. auto industry
July 07, 2007

I understand that the political process can be rough in Washington, but it's still hard to read some of the attacks on the auto industry during the spirited debate on national energy legislation. Let me cut through the noise: America's auto industry matters to this country and we recognize the responsibility we have to create a better life.

That's why we are also committed to improving vehicle fuel economy and being part of a broader solution to address energy security and climate change.

American auto manufacturers are the core of the industrial base of the U.S. economy. DaimlerChrysler, Ford and General Motors not only help move Americans on the road, along with billions of dollars of goods and services, they have also created a livelihood for millions of workers at manufacturing facilities 1,850 alone here in Buffalo and also at auto parts and supplier companies, dealerships and more...

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